Dominance may refer to:

  • Dominance (C++), an aspect of virtual inheritance in the C++ programming language
  • Dominance (economics), in economics, the degree of inequality in market share distribution
  • Strategic dominance, in game theory, when one strategy is better for one opponent regardless of the other opponent’s strategy
  • Dominance hierarchy or social hierarchy, an organizational form by which individuals within a community control the distribution of resources within the community
  • Dominance and submission, set of behaviors, customs, and rituals in an erotic or lifestyle context

[edit] Biology

  • Dominance (ethology), in animal behaviour and anthropology, the level of social status relative to other individuals
  • Dominance (ecology), the degree of predominance of one or a few species in an ecological community
  • Dominance (genetics), a relationship between the effects of different versions of a gene

[edit] Mathematics

  • Strategic dominance, a method of simplification for games.
  • Stochastic dominance, a situation in which one lottery (a probability distribution of outcomes) can be ranked as superior to another, with only limited knowledge of preferences
  • Dominance order, a partial order on partitions.

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