Tips For Managing Customer Care

To keep customers happy it’s important to understand the way they think. For example, customers do business on the basis of emotional desire. In addition, most customers are slow to change buying habits unless given a very good reason.

An important key to serving customers well is not to try to change them. Here are four tips for improving your customer support:

1. Conduct your own survey. Profit from the ideas, suggestions and complaints of your present and former customers. Talk and meet with your customers. Ask questions. Learn their attitudes, what they want and what they dislike.

2. Rules such as prompt answering and a cheerful attitude of helpfulness are of critical importance. Monitor your staff?s interaction with customers and take steps to make improvements where needed.

3. Make customer service a team effort. Build customer consciousness throughout the organization. Continually drive home rule that getting and holding customers requires team play, and invite employee ideas.

4. Extend your efforts after hours. It’s the friendly feelings people have that draw them to you and your business. Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere of social occasions or a neighborly chat over the back fence to turn friends into customers, or to reinforce the loyalty of existing ones.

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