New marketing trend: Meet the ‘manfluencers

New marketing trend: Meet the ‘manfluencers’ 

New marketing trend: Meet the ‘manfluencers’USA TODAYYou may have heard the term ‘mancession,’ coined because the recent recession took a bigger toll on men than women. But ‘manfluencers’? That, as Quartz explains, is a trademarked term from Midan Ma …

Mercedes Benz The Monolith

Mercedes-Benz needed to recover its iconic status in France with a younger target and highlight the sporty design of its new car models. It created “Monolith” — an interactive experience that explores the real-world sensations that shaped and influenced the Mercedes-Benz designers. At the core of the integrated campaign was a sleek, high-energy 90 second film. Through an immersive experience on YouTube, the user can unlock more than 25 hours of additional content on demand. It’s a film-within-a-film that invites the world to explore the sensations that gave birth to a completely new kind of car.

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