Various Techniques of Advertising Research

In the techniques of in-depth focus group interview is informally on specific ads. The opinions of the group are analyzed for the effects of advertising. Studies in the focus groups to rent Cannes are very unreliable as different groups and even individuals of a group can have different opinions. These studies are often used to save time and money. However, the final evaluation of the ads, the results of focus groups are unreliable and not widely used.

Ultimately, we can say that, while measuring the effectiveness of ads is a high priority area for advertisers, there is no foolproof method has so far been designed. The tests are fast and affordable with defects of others. The safest methods are long, expensive and can not be conducted on a regular basis. Another big problem is the strong opposition of creative people in advertising research assessment.

However, while decision-making complex and difficult, the results of evaluation research can provide effective guidance. Of course, the advertiser should use the results of rational inquiry based on the situation. Then let the judges to end customers. Because of an ad is what advertisers and advertising agencies put in that advertisers and advertising agencies put into it, but what the consumer thinks of him and how to act accordingly.

The large amounts spent on advertising requires a systematic and objective research on the role of advertising, its effectiveness and overall contribution. This systematic and objective research is called advertising. It is also called evaluation research, evaluation of advertising, or the effectiveness of advertising. Whatever name is given, the research on the effectiveness of advertising helps to avoid costly mistakes. He predicts the relative strength of alternative strategies to increase the effectiveness of advertising in general.

Measuring advertising effectiveness in quantitative terms is very difficult. The simple reason that the human brain can not be quantified. In addition, advertising is not the only means of promotion, nor the only source of information and influence.
Evaluation of research before ads are placed in the media or pre-test may help in the development of more effective advertisements. The most important thing here is that errors or deficiencies are identified in the media before costs are incurred. However, the actual conditions of these tests was conducted under simulated conditions and with limited public representative.

Best results are achieved when the ads are placed in the media, simultaneous tests, and Evaluation after the campaign is completed, additional testing, and evaluation of the ads after the campaign is completed, other tests are performed in real situations and conditions. Two simultaneous tests and post-tests are more expensive in terms of money and time to pre-test. Too many advertisers prefer post-tests.

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